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PE, PP double wall perforated corrugated pipe production line
Product Name:

PE, PP double wall perforated corrugated pipe production line

PE, PP perforated plastic corrugated pipe production line:
The plastic perforated water bellows device can continuously produce double-wall corrugated pipes, and perforate at the bottom of the corrugated wave, and has the advantages of high water permeability, acid and alkali corrosion resistance, easy bending, convenient transportation and installation。 In order to prevent the clogging of the sediment, the production line is equipped with a device such as a non-woven fabric, which is punched and covered in a production line。
Equipment technical parameters:
Equipment model(PE/PVC) Matching extruder Number of molds Pipe specification(mm)
SBG160 SJ-90 SJSZ-65/132 50 ф90-ф160
SBG500 SJ-150 SJSZ-92/188 50 ф160-ф500
SBG800 SJ-90、SJ-120 38 ф225-ф800
SBG1200 SJ-120、SJ-150 38 ф800-ф1200

The permeable corrugated pipe is mainly used in tunnel seepage, golf course and stadium seepage, returning to the sea, urban sludge pumping, etc。 After the pumping of the double-wall perforated bellows, the dewatering time of the sea mud and sludge is greatly shortened。
It can also be used in fields such as landscaping, and the market prospect is very broad.
The production line can produce single-wall corrugated pipe and pre-stressed corrugated pipe after replacing the die of the machine head, which truly realizes multi-purpose use of one machine.
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